Bully Proof Assistant

Lets put an end to bullying in the work place and on the play ground:-)

Welcome to our Web Site


Bully Proof Assistant is a new organization which will focus on helping those who find themselves being targeted (harassed) by bullies. Keep in mind that there are work place bullies. No one likes to admit it but I found for the most part there there is at least one work place bully in most companies. 

An Employment Lawyer told me that you need evidence of any and all bullied activity. Otherwise it's just his word against yours. The most important thing you need to do is keep a paper trail of all activity done by a work place bully.


If I had such evidence when I was bullied from October 16 2012 – January 25 2013, I would have been able to take this person to court. Shortly after I was let go, I came up with the idea for creating anti-bully apps. Trying to figure out peaceful solutions to something as horrible as being targeted by bullies (worst form of harassment) is what I intend to continue to work on. Currently, I'm learning I-phone programming and am working on an anti-bully app for the I-phone. 


I’m hoping that you will eventually support my anti-bully campaign and what I’m trying to accomplish by supporting Bully Proof Assistant and downloading my anti-bully apps (currently only available for android).   


I wrote my story about my most recent confrontation with this idiot on my blog section of this web site. You can read my full story with that horrible co-worker in my book,Targeted,  which is now available on amazon in both paperback and kindle e-book:

I searched for tools which could have come to my aid, but I didn't see anything that was really appropriate for my needs. Then the idea came to me to begin studying Android Programming with everything I could find in books and on the internet. Even though it's been a huge learning curve, it’s been a fun learning experience.

After I begin making some sales, I will begin focusing on developing the same type of apps for the other phone systems (I phone, Microsoft, etc.) which will require me to learn new programming languages.

My name is Bob Richardson and I want to work towards preventing what had happened to me to ever happen to anyone else.